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This was my turning point; I realized I could really make a difference in the world, I could help without benefiting from it personally and it could be a completely unselfish act. I spoke to Severn and Hannah (African volunteers) and we decided to go and see if we could do anything to help the orphanage.

Hannah had spoken to me in the past about the orphans living area, saying how bad it was, (smelly, dirty and dingy) but I had never ventured inside, I just had no need to. Walking in was like stepping into a prison; it was so cramped, dingy, dirty and stank of urine. The girls had two conjoining rooms which held around 12 beds, some double and some triple bunk beds (26 beds in total), this pretty much meant that all the girls had their own bed, with a couple sharing. The boys had one small bedroom with 3 double and 3 triple bunk beds (15 beds in total) crammed into it.”

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