Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true

Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true without charging me any fee.i just donate to his orphanage

*My dearest friends and fellow Africans don’t waste your time and money on fake Spiritualist who promise and they don’t deliver, I guarantee you  Jama will never disappoint you, only one visit to him and you will live to smile am Joe resident of Midrand, after I saw an article in the newspaper saying that Jama never charges, I believed in him, I booked an appointment and met with him, at his beautiful house.As I couldn’t stay in a relationship, whoever came in my life then something happens and she leaves me. It was a bad curse on me. But after I saw  Jama he touched my forehead, palm prayed for me and told me and told me to wait for 7 days. In just 3 days my girlfriend requested us to meet with them at their home. On arrival, my girlfriend knelt down and told me she is ready to be my wife. We made a great wedding and we are very happy.
Thanks, Jama.

 Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true

Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true

Are you tired of scammers, powerless and fake healers or gurus who promise and nothing happens?

*Come meet the most powerful, divine, spiritual, kind, ancestral, gifted and talented.  Jama who will do everything you have wanted all your life immediately. you don’t even have to tell him anything because he knows everything going on in your life already. Mr removes all kinds of bad spells, black forces, and evil spirits. He blesses you and protects you from the bad people, never to suffer or harm you again. Father even solves all kinds of problems in your life such as bad luck, diseases, drugs, alcoholism, infertility, relationship, financial problems and much more.

He even boosts business to be successful, makes you win court cases, be able to win contracts and tenders for your private businesses, works for you to get promoted at work and get salary increment, and gets money owed you repaid quickly. Bring all your sorrows to be turned to happiness there and then come for palm reading and everything seems for yourself. You will not believe what you see or hear. He performs prayers in his church. Now is the time you have been waiting for to end all your burdens and sorrows you have been carrying for a long time. Thank you, Jama Foundation

Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true

                        Healed my daughter

*Good Day, Rosemarie, My daughter has been diagnosed with “Delayed Motor Myotomes,  lower limbs”.   My little Princess just could not walk let alone take one step, furthermore, she had by now lost a lot of confidence.   I was referred to a massive hospital who dealt with that problem but was gripped by fear when I saw children up to the age of 12 sitting on stools, unable to use their legs.   My family and I would like to thank you for all the healing you have done concerning Nkaleko.   You gave us hope for the future.  Nkaleko can walk today, she has regained all her confidence and enjoys singing and dancing a lot. On a personal level, I have shared a special bond with you that I shall take away with me, special memories, love, and persistence that you showed my family. Warm Regards Thank you, Jama Foundation Healed and Free! – Asif B, United Kingdom

*I was diagnosed with arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, and this made life unbearable for me. I was always full of pains and my life was gradually slipping away from me. When I heard about the Jama in Autumn Session, I knew my time of restoration has come; so my wife registered me. At Jama, I received teachings I never heard before and my faith started building up. My moment of healing finally came when the man of God ministered to me; I felt a very warm sensation go through my body and I fell. When I got up, I was completely healed. I could do all I couldn’t do before. Thank God for  Jama. I am alive and well again.

 Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true

       I can now hear! – Jose W, Brazil

*Testimonies -I came to the  Jama 2013 Autumn Session because I was diagnosed with partial deafness in the right ear. During  Jama Service, I received from God through the hands of  Jama, the anointing that healed me from deafness and all other illnesses. It was like heaven on earth when the man of God ministered to me and immediately I knew I have received my prayer. I can now hear and I’m free from all sickness. Thank you dear Holy Spirit. Thank you beloved  Jama. Glory to God!Foundation

          Healed from depigmentation!

*When my son was 5 years, we noticed that he was developing some depigmentation on his right upper eyelid. At first, we thought it was a fungal infection of the skin and treated it as such. However, rather than clearing up, the same thing happened to his left eyelid. As the depigmentation spread, we became concerned and took him to a dermatologist. It was confirmed that he had vitiligo. This diseases have no cure and would eventually progress till it overtook his whole body. In a step of faith, we stopped all medications and registered him at Jama services while still praying for him. At the  Jama Autumn Session,  Jama prayed for him and the depigmentation stopped; the area previously affected returned to normal. We give glory to God.Foundation
Akwasi A, Ghana

 Walking free without crutches! – Sigcobile, South Africa

*Testimonies -I had an accident in 2004 and the fracture complicated to be Osteomyelitis. The doctor told me that I’d have to support my leg everywhere I go with a crutch and I work as a nurse, so I couldn’t cope at work using a crutch. When I heard about the Night of Bliss in South Africa with Jama, I made up my mind to doubtless receive my healing. During the meeting, as the man of God,  Jama prayed and declared prophetic healing words, I acted my faith and received every word and suddenly I dropped my crutches and began to walk unaided. I was healed! I felt the anointing when I was standing and no more pains in my legs. Myself thank God that I’m walking free without a crutch. Jesus is real and alive. I thank God for Jama.

Testimonies about Jama  from Around the world made my dream come true without charging me any fee.i just donate to his orphanage

        Healed From Rheumatoid Arthritis!

*I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have suffered from it for 6 years. The doctors said I’m never going to be healed. I cried and suffered every day with pains, I couldn’t do my home chores, I was always sitting and my children and husband had to help me do everything. In need of a solution, I came to the Night of Bliss with Jama and in the meeting,  Jama told us to lay hands anywhere we needed healing and I did that. After he was done praying, I stood up and started walking. Glory to God, I was completely healed. I thank God that I’m not going to use sticks again because I’m free totally.Foundation
Angelina, South Africa

    Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true

 Healed From Terminal Cancer!

*I was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and operated on by a doctor, who told me that the Cancer had spread to my stomach, liver pancreas and I was bent over when I came into the stadium for the Night of Bliss with  Jama in South Africa. When  Jama walked in and started preaching, he spoke words that stirred up my faith for my healing and I made up my mind that I was never going to leave there the same. As  Jama started praying, I felt the anointing so strong and suddenly all the pains in my body just left. I felt very light and excited. I was completely healed! Jesus is Lord and Savior.
Mariah C, South Africa

              Healed From Uterine Fibroid!

*I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroid and for four years I’ve been battling this disease. My stomach was as if I was pregnant and I wasn’t. This was an embarrassing situation because I somewhat became a burden to my family. When it was announced in church that the June Global Communion Service was going to be a Worship and Prayer Service with Jama, I made up my mind to attend and not just to attend but to receive my healing.Testimonies about Jama  from Around the world made my dream come true

I participated in every segment of the meeting as I was very expectant for my prayer and my moment finally came when the man of God,   Jama started prophesying healing to all that were sick. Earnestly, I received those words and I went under the power and was out for some minutes. When I regained myself, I was healed and the swelling reduced. Today, I’m free and healthy. Thank you, God, for my man of God,  Jama.
Joyce, Nigeria

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 Testimonies about Jama Around the world made my dream come true

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