0.75 Liter Bottle of Pastor Jama Authentic Holy Water
The Water in this Bottle is Bottled by Pastor Jama himself
Bottle measurements: 0.75 Liters = 0,198 Gallons.



AUTHENTIC HOLY WATER: We certify that each container is filled by Pastor Jama with the Holy water. Moreover, we stamp each container “Authentic from Pastor Jama” to certify its authenticity!

IDEAL FOR PEOPLE UNABLE TO TRAVEL: A thousand believers from all over the world travel to Pastor Jama each month. However, many others are unable to travel. That’s why we make it available to you and your family, anywhere in the world!

EACH CONTAINER IS SEALED: Be assured that each container is sealed right after filling with the Holy water. You will be the first to open your container and to benefit from the Holy water!

WE MEET EVERY OF YOUR FAMILY NEEDS: With this Pastor Jama container of Authentic Holy water, be sure to have enough Holy water available at home for you, your family members and your close relatives!